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Reading Level: K-3
Interest Level:

The Edmark Reading Program has long helped beginning readers of all ages who need an alternative to phonics to learn to read. The key to this success is the program's use of a carefully sequenced, highly repetitive word recognition method combined with errorless learning. The program motivates students by breaking learning into steps that ensure that even the poorest readers achieve over 90% accuracy. This approach eliminates incorrect responses and helps students view themselves as readers.

The Edmark Reading Program serves as a sole reading program or as a supplement to a phonics-based or other type of reading program. In Level 1, students learn 150 frequently seen sight words from kindergarten and Grade 1 reading levels and the endings -s, -ed, and -ing. In Level 2, students learn an additional 200 words from Grades 1-3 reading levels.

Students begin by recognizing and reading a new word in isolation and then in the context of phrases, sentences, and stories. They use their newly learned words in a variety of reading activities to reinforce new learning, ensure automatic word recognition, and facilitate the generalization of their reading skills to new and varied situations.

Print and Edmark Online

The program is available in print and as Edmark Online, a web-based software version. Each version can be used independently or in combination, providing educators with versatile tools to help students achieve reading success. The print and online versions have the same lesson structure in the same lesson sequence.

Edmark Online is provided through individual student seat licenses.

  • Each student has access to the full range of Level 1 and Level 2 Core programs, AND
  • Each student has access to all of the Supplements including Spelling, Comprehension,Take-Away Readers, Homework, and Bingo

Assess the progress of individuals and classes over time with several reporting tools.

  • Progress Monitoring Report - indicates individual or whole class progress on assigned activities
  • Item Analysis Report - indicates items correct and incorrect within an activity
  • Student Progress Report - indicates date of assignment, name of assignment, and % correct.
  • Mastery Test Report - progress graphs indicate student's % of words read and mastery across word groups for multiple test dates and recommendations

Quick Start Guides are provided with step-by-step illustrations.

  • Signing in
  • Adding Students/Teachers
  • Assigning Activities
  • Running Reports

Program Overview: A Teacher's Guide provides complete information for instructing students with Edmark Online.

  • Research support for Edmark Reading Program
  • Description and screen shots of each type of activity and how to deliver it for students
  • Criterion for mastery

The Mastery Test contains four subtests that closely mirror the instructional format of Edmark Online.

  • Discrimination and Picture/Phrase Match subtests can be administered independently
  • Word Recognition and Oral Reading subtests require involvement by teachers or paraprofessionals for administration
  • Printable Mastery Test Summary

Word Recognition screens present students with 153 activities in Level 1 and 200 activities in Level 2.

  • Students repeatedly hear, see, point to, and read words
  • Student progress is monitored throughout the lessons

5-Word Practice is a Level 1 activity.

  • Students identify the words among the last 5 words taught
  • The activity is scored